wall art

If you can dream it, we can put it on your wall.
We have access to a huge range of materials, printing techniques and adhesives that give you a limitless ability to cover a wall any way you like. From an exterior concrete garage to a freshly plastered bathroom wall, it’s all possible.

Create a feature. Invigorate and brighten.

Bring a wall, doorway or corridor to life with a totally unique print design. Wall art is much more versatile than its name suggests. You can let your imagination go and cover ceilings, floors, stairwells or even windows!

A Realistic Alternative To Paint

Wall art is now a realistic alternative to paint or wallpaper. Once you free your mind from thinking a wall has to be one colour or one pattern there is no limit to what’s possible. 

  • UV resistant – The high quality inks and materials we use are protected against the colour changing rays of the sun.
  • Customisability – Art, designs, patterns, text. It’s all much more achievable than with paint or wallpaper.
  • No lasting marks – If you want to change the design after a week, a month or a number of years there will be no problems. Peel off and replace.
  • Flexibility – The surface can be curved, no problem. If there are imperfections on the surface a print will hide it. Features and obstacles on the wall? no worries we can print and cut around them.

Safe. Eco-friendly. Zero solvents.

Our wall art is printed using solvent-free latex based inks. Being water-based means that  this technique is eco-friendly and non-toxic. The ink is not only odorless but also low-emitting. It meets UL GREENGUARD GOLD (unrestricted full room décor), AgBB criteria. It requires no hazard warning labels

This fact makes our product suitable for such environments as hospitals, a child’s bedroom or playroom and for retail areas.

Find out more here on HP’s site.

Perfect location inspiration for wall art

Hospital / Surgery

Wall art can be informational and aesthetic. Our wall art can be easily cleaned and is totally safe to touch and free of solvents.

Wards or corridors could be made colour coded. Rooms could be given a welcoming vibe with a serene outdoor scene.

Kids Bedroom

A full room print can create another world within your home. Imagine a jungle or dinosaur scene on the walls and ceiling of a child's room.

Man Cave

A perfect way to personalise a mancave. Get the feel of a smoky basement bar with some distressed brickwork. Or maybe a cinematic wall of bat-cave suits you better.

Retail Interior

Wall art is ideal for both short term and long term needs. Swap art in and out to match campaigns and deals. Or create a branded display to be up for years, drawing customers into your high-end product range.

Retail Exterior

The outside of your retail building is likely the biggest advertising surface you have access to. Draw in customers who walk by. Grab the attention of customers who drive by with art of scale that can't be missed.


Transform the dullest room in the house into a tropical soak-in-the-bath paradise. A seaside scene or hazy blue skies will move your relaxation to the next level.


Cars, bikes, karts or woodwork? Whatever hobby is carried out in a workshop why not spruce up those drab walls with some related art. A great opportunity to personalise with some photos of your vehicle.


Get something nicer than red-brick on the inside of your garage. Limited only by your imagination. The open road, a scene from F1 or just a modern matt grey could be installed.


High-tech walls for hi-tech equipment. Digital geometric wall art or scenes from a favourite game, easily updated to the latest trends with no damage to walls.

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