The popularity of Flying Banners, sometimes referred to as Event Flags, Sail Flags, Beach Flags or Feather Flags, has grown tremendously in recent years.

Whilst remaining as popular as ever with charities, organisers and supporters of outdoor events and challenges, and for use at festivals, galas, conferences and fairs, the eye-catching appeal of Flying Banners has found favour with pretty much every brand and retail marketeer with an interest in outdoor promotion and a desire to be noticed.

a banner for every occasion

Proud to be at the forefront of this revolution our high
quality printed textile flags are supported on high-strength carbon composite poles and friction-free bearing spindle, on a choice of base, ground spike or bracket mount.

have invested heavily in research, product development and testing to ensure materials, print and product performance are amongst the best available whilst offering very competitive pricing.


flutters and rotates in the wind.


no flutter, only rotation in the wind.


full rectangle shape always on display. rotates and flutters.

giant pole

5.4 metres high! 1.1 metres wide. unmissable.

leading quality and performance

• Our light-weight, high-strength, sectional poles come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
• Stronger and more stress/gust resistant than any aluminium pole offering.
• Reuse for years with replacement flags as required.

Flag Materials

There is a choice of standard 110gsm close-weave or 115gsm air-mesh polyester textiles, both offering an excellent combination of strength and image vibrancy.

Flag Pole Sleeves

The majority of our flags are produced with printed, non-elasticated wrap-around pole sleeves, providing maximum possible print area. When extra durability is required there is the option of a reinforced black elasticated sleeve.

Friction Free Bearing Spindle

Our intelligently designed and engineered steel bearing spindle features in all our outdoor base and mounting bracket solutions

Sublimation Printing

All flying banner flags are printed by a dye-sublimation process which uses special inks and a post-print heating process to ‘fix’ the ink into the fabric, making it resilient and washable as well as maximising the mirror image show-through on the reverse

outdoor performance

Naturally, Flying Banner life span depends on how and where they are used. Teardrop flags generally last longer than Feather flags as the banner fabric is held in tension and experiences less movement. Whichever style you choose we recommend taking them in overnight and avoid use in inclement weather (i.e. 24+ mph wind speeds/Beaufort scale 6). Failure to do so will significantly shorten the lifespan of the product.

simple to use

There is something joyful and mesmerising about a line of flags dancing in unison in the breeze, which brands, retailers and organisations of all types are rightly capitalising on to draw feel-good attention to their business.

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