social distancing pack - medium

Our 3mm Foamex is a superb material for the signs in this pack. Light and easily moved around if needed. It’s more durable than its cousin Correx, readily available and easily customised if you have bespoke requirements.

The self adhesive vinyl we use in our Social Distancing Packs is class leading. It is Low profile with strong adhesion. It can even be stuck to carpets or fabric walls and removed easily at a later date.  

Qty 5 – A4 Wash your Hands Stickers – Self Adhesive

Qty 2 – A3 Please Wear A Mask Signs – 3mm Foamex

Qty 3 – A3 2m Distancing Signs – 3mm Foamex

Qty 5 – A4 Sanitise your Hands Stickers – Self Adhesive Vinyl

Qty 10 – 300mm Arrow Floor Stickers – Self Adhesive Vinyl

Qty 5 – 500 x 150mm Keep your Distance Floor Stickers – Self Adhesive Vinyl

Qty 10 – 300mm One Way Floor Stickers – Self Adhesive Vinyl

This Social Distance Pack has been put together with a medium size business in mind. If you have a few rooms and corridors that need to be made suitable for current times then this is the set for you. 

Included in the pack are informational products aiming to keep foot traffic travelling in one direction. Also, reminders to your staff and/or customers to properly wear a mask and clean and sanitise their hands regularly.

If you need to add any more specific items to the pack please contact us for the best deal we can offer.

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