Unfortunately it looks like we are going to be living with a varying amount of social distancing for the foreseeable future. We can provide COVID signage products that will last….hopefully until a return to normality!

Make sure your customers and staff are safe. Information, warnings and guidance, we can print or make COVID signage for you.

See below for products we can customise and provide to you and some great pre-created packs that take the hassle out of choosing individual products. 

easy compliance packs

Our easy compliance social distancing packs are a quick and hassle-free to get off the mark with workplace infection control COVID signage. One pack contains numerous social distancing and hygiene products at a great saving.

We are all busy at the moment with extra burdens related to the current crisis. You can save yourself some time, effort and funds by grabbing a pack here.

some of our popular COVID signage products

Below is just a small selection of our total offering. These products can be customised in regards to content and size. They can be produced and ready for delivery rapidly.

Please contact us if you have any questions. There is a contact form at the end of the or call us on 01473 811874

delivery / collection signs

Keep external services providers to safe areas to limit infection opportunities.
We can make up delivery or collections signs customised to your requirements
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social distancing reminders

A visual reminder to keep 2 metres distance between each other to reduce lapses.
We can create stickers for floor and walls that will remind people to keep their distance. The wording can be customised.
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one way travel floor stickers

In some places social distancing is difficult due to available space. Create a one-way system to keep people apart.
Keep your foot traffic in the right direction. We can make stickers of any colour and size that will not damage the surface.
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wait here stickers

Do you have a queuing system? Make it clear where to stop with a wait sign.
Different lengths can be printed as the situation dictates.
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handwash signage

Remind your staff and visitors of their obligations to keep hands clean and wear masks.
Used in bathrooms and where hands can be cleaned.
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personal protective equipment signage

Different areas might call for different PPE. Don't leave it to chance and get the signage right.
Get the rights signs in the right areas for your specific business.
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no entry signs

Off-limits areas must be adhered to, now even more so. Eye-catching signs cannot be ignored.
More designs available.
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informational signs

A quick reminder of current government guidance. Useful placed at an entrance or exit.
Fully customisable if you need alterations. Can be updated with new guidelines as and when the government changes them.
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navigational signs

Getting people to their destination as efficiently as possible has never been more important. DIrect customers and visitors
Totally customisable with your locations and branding.
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If your business or venture has a physical location you will have some responsibility to ensure people know how they remain as safe as possible. Covid signage that is clear and lasting is needed. A properly carried out risk assessment should highlight your needs. There are also resources online that may help such this from East Suffolk Council .

Even before someone sets foot within your premises there is guidance that can be given. Signs to direct a delivery person to an allotted spot will prevent confusion in the future. Regardless of the size of your premises there will be a maximum occupancy, this is best communicated early and clearly with a sign. If the property has 2 or more doors you could direct in and out traffic to different paths.

Once inside, in a contained space, there is more to think about. Reminding staff and customers about their responsibilities is key. You can make things easier by organising flows of people into one-way systems with stickers and signs. Even clear directions to common destinations helps, reducing corridor traffic.

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